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The Ransom Hunter Foundation

A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization 

Our Mission: To inspire others to action and promote philanthropic investment in the community.

We have an exciting announcement...


The Ransom Hunter Foundation has


partnered with CodeNinjas!


Coding for Kids in Charlotte and Holly Springs, NC

Our first scholarship recipients began a 3-month program in June 2021

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We are preparing our youth to meet the industry demands of the future in Coding, Machine Learning, A.I. Technology, and App Development.

We are nurturing talent and academic ability.


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Who Was Ransom Hunter?

Ransom Hunter was a Black man born in 1825 who rose from humble beginnings to become a respected and wealthy citizen amongst notable figures in North Carolina's post-Civil War society. As a large land owner, business owner, farmer, and preacher, he amassed an astounding 30 total land deeds in Gaston County with recorded transactions between 1874 an 1914. His land spanned three miles down to the Catawba riverfront. He owned much of the land that makes up historic downtown Mount Holly, today


On a portion of his land, Ransom Hunter created Freedom, a community where freed men, women and children fled post-Civil War hostilities in the neighboring South Carolina upcountry and found a welcome home. Ransom Hunter provided them land to build a house, to farm, and earn a decent living. He opened two livery stable businesses and a boarding house. He also donated land for two churches and created the first "District 12 Colored School" for children. Through his vision and leadership, he created a thriving community of homeowners, entrepreneurs and educated children.


The Ransom Hunter Foundation follows his blueprint for success by empowering African-American and underserved communities. Join us in supporting the community through our Youth STEM Programs, Environmental Stewardship, Young Writers Workshops, and Small Business Development programs!


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The Ransom Hunter Foundation

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